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    Tabs & Ganj is back2back. On Release is MKDS’s “Tabs & Ganj: Mega-Strain” and “Tabs & Ganj: In-Law Outlaw”, available on Amazon Paperback (Coming to Kindle soon)…

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    FreeDom ft. Maria: Love The Way 

    FreeDom Hoodie Style Look 4

    Following up on the series of previous singles with “Love The Way” we get to hear a lifted, more ‘Surface to Air’ combination of lyrical excellence that is rare in the current existence of ‘Rap’. Here, both Freedom (Dom) and Maria bring together melody, rap and a trail-blazing inverted chorus; much is the fact that all three come together in a fluid, continuous and just right way that similarly contributes to previous works – but with a difference.

    From the outset we get the chorus integrating with a very likeable kicking bassline, while on course to introduce the initial lyrics, Freedom attacks the mic with precision and flawless connection to the build. Together what we hear is a purposely placed misdirection, or mash-up, if you like, that has you believe that this is the work of a more relaxed and approachable collaboration between the two people: Maria giving an incredible input to the track, while Dom’s joint performance fuses together with finely adapted precision. In fact, by the first line of lyrics alone, you find that the song has been selectively written with one topic – one meaning – in mind: Emotions of a heightened degree in which separate that of two amicable’s (Not Freedom and Maria) to the point where they dissolve into a void of tough love and mistrust. And, it is with this track that both musicians have pulled it off perfectly.

    From the lyrics side of the track, we become witness to Freedom’s’ deepened and intricate flow and consistent stabilizing of keeping his level of information steady, but at the same time understandable to the point where upon carrying out the last line of verse the message is heard and very much understood to be that of a personally embraced experience. As we have already seen from “Pain, Anger, Suppression”, “Haters” and “Jack The Lad”, it is the collaboration with Maria which has, especially for ‘The Dark Tower’ enabled this obvious conclusion that Freedom has acquired his very own unique style in all of his works and projects throughout his four year presence.

    For Freedom himself the emotional aspects of personal, political and overall Interstate conflict has given rise to place his thoughts and reasoning into lyrics which raise an eye-brow, trigger frowns and, in some cases create a negative cloud covering by those who feel that the songs this 26-year-old sings affect them in so many ways by measurable relation, self-experience and, of course, by the most obvious reason – provocation by a breaking Status Quo. But certainly, the direction that Freedom is taking with his musical offerings has been both highlighted and applauded in so many ways, that it is clear enough that 2015 can be a time for this new, fresh Rapper to be welcomed as a ‘Best New Comer’ to the music scene.

    Listen To “Love The Way” on SoundCloud <HERE>

    Read “Freedom Review

    Review by Marcus De Storm

    Edited by Wendy St. Knight

    © 1999/2020 The Dark Tower/Freedom. All rights reserved.

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    It’s A “Mega-Strain”… 

    Tabs & Ganj Mega-Strain (Concept 1a)

    The long awaited Tabs & Ganj: Mega-Strain Episode is on it’s way to Kindle and PDF in early 2014, with a very “Special Edition” that is to hit the eBook Shelves. Writer/Author MKDS has already made it clear that “Mega-Strain” will be one of the most darkest Episodes of the first Series.

    After the success of “Tabs & Ganj: Mangina” throughout Europe and America, the Author insists that “The Script” is on course for completion in 2014. The initial Locations and Casting has been been on and off for a while, but now with the recent addition of “Tabs & Ganj: Snow Blind” to the Series, the overall Project is now ready for an Edit and Polish.

    The Series looks at two dysfunctional Stoneheads living on a Council Estate in Leeds during the 1980’s, whose daily lives revolve around the Taboo participation and life’s tribulations of both Weed and LSD. Aligned with a greater picture of the bleak and outranked suffering of the decade, the two twenty-something’s set out on a journey that in many instances amaze them for the fact that they survive. Coupled with Laugh-Out-Loud Comedy, it will be “Tabs & Ganj” that won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but, as an Old School Raver, the chances are, you will recognize these two characters.

    Tabs & Ganj Mega-Strain will be very different to the previous episode, with a lot more emphasis on Tabs, rather than the mysterious background that he has had during Mangina. The comedy will by no means be lacking, as I’m sure the readers will appreciate the little momentarily lapse during the Old People’s scenes in Mangina. What we are looking at in the next episode is a more zany and wild look at Tabs’ character, and something that will be of a particular shock to some West Yorkshire Old School Ravers too.” Said MKDS.

    Tabs & Ganj: Mega-Strain Episode is due for release on 1st February 2014. To keep up to date with “The Tabs & Ganj Chronicles” click HERE.

    2013/2016 © MKDS/The Red Hive. All rights reserved.

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    Tabs & Ganj From The ’80’s… 


    There are many tales, stories and legends that can be picked from “The Lost Decade”, many of which fade through the chasms and crumbling tunnels of space and time. But one story that has remained to sustain a glimmer of nostalgic repetition is that of two teenage Stonehead’s, their tales of a lost cultural luster for freedom and equality bursting out across the passing three decade’s…Tabs & Ganj.

    Tabs & Ganj is a bastion of tales…legends, if you like, which have accumulated more than 12,000 story examples kept from the public eye – until now, of course, with the very first episode chapter having been released,” MKDS revealed to GWN. “The Tabs & Ganj Chronicles are the mishaps of two young men, who through the indifference’s of society at the time became the iconic-like Stonehead Mascot’s to those of The Jilted Generation of the 1980’s. Self portraying the reflection within a Sub-Culture where nothing less than the unexpected and uncertain occurrences could come along and swallow you up whole, while within backdrops and backgrounds of a much darker, more sinister greyer society The Underground Movement nurtured or broke the soul’s who ventured into it’s realms. This is the Darker Side of The Global Underground, while in its lightest and brightest ways of existence, the building of its very own Empiric State comes from those changes in which Tabs & Ganj revolve around – Freedom of the soul.”

    Tabs & Ganj: Mangina, it’s deliberation being set on a formal introduction of the two main character’s rather than taking the reader into an unknown void of confusion, the Author, MKDS clears up the necessary details of announcing their names, while at the same time beaconises the nicknames. In the instances of formality, the reality that brings the two down to earth with a bump becomes an anchor point that many readers will relate to as they progress through the series of Story-Shorts.

    “With all honesty, the Job Center scenes had to be told, it was a done thing back in the day of the 1980’s. Hindsight tells me that more fun and adventure was had around the ‘Dole Hole’ than anywhere else, and by the creatures of habit preparing for this important and yet laughable ceremony, the ritualistic flavor has been captured perfectly. In the background of ‘Mangina’ what the reader will begin to notice and realize, is that there is something more sinister – maybe – going off in the life of Tabs, something that Ganj seems to be oblivious to. The way in which the two live their lives tend to send out mixed and scattered messages, while at the same time, hinted clues on a characteristic level make their way to the surface.”

    With the first episode of Tabs & Ganj hitting the bookshelves, it is now a question of “Will it continue?”

    Tabs & Ganj will continue to be produced, published and printed until such a time as there are no more ideas or plots to continue on with. The break that was given to the series has seen a lot of changes, especially as there are now more than three decades to cover with the two main character’s. As far as an ending, we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.”

    TABS&GANJ: MANGINA is available on eBook/Kindle and Paperback Now:


    £3.18 includes VAT* & free wireless delivery via Amazon Whispernet

    Product details

    • Format: Kindle Edition
    • File Size: 298 KB
    • Print Length: 115 pages
    • Simultaneous Device Usage: Unlimited
    • Publisher: The Red Hive Publishing; 1 edition (1 Nov 2013)
    • Sold by: Amazon Media EU S.à r.l.
    • Language: English
    • ASIN: B00GEF0BSG
    • Text-to-Speech: Enabled
    • X-Ray: Not Enabled
    • Average Customer Review: Be the first to review this item

    Also available in Paperback by clicking the following link: “Tabs&Ganj: Mangina Paperback“.

    2013/2016 © MKDS/The Red Hive. All rights reserved

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    Dealer Jailed Over £37,000 Drugs Find At His Leeds Home… 

    A drug dealer caught with £37,500 worth of cocaine and cannabis at his home in Leeds has been jailed for seven and a half years – on his birthday.

    Warren Welsh

    When officers from Leeds district’s specialist drugs team, Operation Quartz, executed a warrant at Warren Welsh’s home in Juniper Place, Harehills, they found the drugs hidden in the house and an outbuilding.

    A search of the house in May also uncovered ‘dealer lists’ of clients’ details, digital weighing scales, a hydraulic press and grip seal bags used for selling drugs.

    Expert analysis identified a total of 750 grams of cocaine in compressed white blocks with a street value of £30,000, 150 grams of cocaine rocks and powder with a street value of £6,000 and 10 bags of cannabis skunk with a street value of £1,500.

    Welsh was charged with three counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs and one of possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

    Having pleaded guilty at a previous hearing, Welsh, 26, was jailed at Leeds Crown Court on his 26th birthday.

    Det Insp Jaz Khan, from Leeds District Quartz Team, said: “This was a very significant seizure of drugs that were clearly destined to be sold on the streets of Leeds where they would fuel the crime and anti-social behaviour that accompanies Class A drugs use.

    “Welsh celebrated his 26th birthday by starting a very significant prison sentence. We hope this will provide some reassurance to people living in those communities and send out a clear deterrent message to others who are involved in the supply of drugs.

    “Officers from the Quartz Team will continue to gather intelligence from the community and elsewhere and focus their attention on those who think they can get away with dealing drugs without having to face the consequences.

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    MKDS & The Red Hive “Go Dark” For 14 Days… 


    From the 1st April, 2013, both Marcus Kasabian De Storm and The Red Hive Network will be ‘Going Dark’ for two weeks. Rumours suggested that the two incorporated Networks were ‘Closing Down’, but with a statement from MKDS at his home today, he revealed little, but gave away much:

    “The [MKDS] Network and The Red Hive Network will be ‘Going Dark’ as from Midnight Sunday 31st March, 2013, until Sunday 14th April, 2013. Our common goal is to provide new and sustainable Projects that will build upon the ideas of our yesterdays, but in order to do this, we must first look at what is before us and realise we can build a new world in just seven days anymore. The Red Hive Network has its important ‘Projects’, as does The [MKDS] Network, too.  We can confirm that one of those ‘Projects’ which will take precedence over an estimated twenty-three ‘Projects’, will be the science fiction series Time Raiders, while the remaining two ‘Projects’ will stay out of print until fulfilled.”

    It has been almost two years since ‘The Network’ went dark, with the exception of timing and the consecutive run of days from posting or uploading a single word. Contrary to belief, the move is nothing to do any previous, current or future ‘Articles’, or the fact that some lucrative negotiations are in their final stages. As soon as ‘The Network’s’ are back up, we feel that the whole world will feel the difference…Is the World ready?

    © 2013 Marcus Kasabian De Storm/The Red Hive Network. All Rights Reserved.

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    Tags: Club Weed, Club Weed Growing, Police Drugs Bust, Pub Cannabis, Pub Marijuana, Pub Weed, Pub Weed Growing   

    West Yorkshire Club Owner Grew Cannabis At Bar 

    Jason Hardy, who received a two-year suspended prison sentence for growing cannabis.

    Published on Thursday 31 January 2013 13:46


    A bar owner was caught growing £35,000 worth of cannabis in one of the premises that he owned.


    A court heard Jason Hardy, 36, began growing the class B drug after a nightclub in Leeds closed due to the recession.

    Police raided Hardy’s bar, Mungo’s, in Batley, on December 4 2011 and found 108 plants on the top floor.

    Leeds Crown Court heard the premises were closed for refurbishment at the time.

    Nicoleta Alistari, prosecuting, said the plants were capable of producing skunk cannabis with a street value of £35,000.

    The next day police received a tip-off to say items were being removed from another of Hardy’s premises – Jardy’s, in Birstall.

    When officers arrived they found a man throwing large amounts of soil and vegetation into a skip.

    They searched the premises and discovered evidence of the building being used as a cannabis farm.

    Hardy, of Clough Drive, Birstall, was arrested and claimed men had approached him and asked him if they could rent a room at Mungo’s.

    He said he initially refused but they then made threats to set fire to one of his businesses.

    Hardy pleaded guilty to producing cannabis and allowing premises to be used for the production of cannabis.

    Anastasis Tasou, mitigating, said Hardy had enjoyed a long period as a successful nightclub and bar owner before the economic downturn.

    He said financial troubles began after he had to close his nightclub in Leeds and were made worse when Mungo’s had to be closed for renovation.

    Mr Tasou said the money from the illegal operation was to pay his mortgage and not to fund any extravagant living for himself or his family.

    He said: “these offences were an act of desperation. He seized upon an opportunity for a short term fix.”

    Judge James Spencer QC gave Hardy a two year prison sentence, suspended for two years and ordered him to do 240 hours unpaid work.

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    Tags: 15 year sentence, , dial a drug, drug dealers, gipton drug dealers, phone for cocaine, phone for ecstasy, seacroft drug dealers   

    Leeds Dial-A-Drug Gang Is Sent To Prison For 15 Years 

    Published on Saturday 24 November 2012 06:50

    JAILED:  Daniel Bodally and below, Tyrone Jeffers. 

    Four men have been jailed after police broke up a major drugs line supplying class A drugs to the Gipton and Harehills areas of Leeds.


    The gang members were involved in running a mobile phone hotline operation known locally as the ‘Jeff Drugs Line’.

    Tyrone Jeffers, 27, of Foundry Mill Drive pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs and was jailed for six-and-a-half years.

    His accomplice, Daniel Bodally, 27, of Cowper Mount, Harehills, also admitted the same charge and was jailed for three-and-a-half years

    Mark Jackson, 26, of Easterly Road, Gipton and Michael Worville, 24, of Easdale Mount, Seacroft, acted as street dealers for Jeffers and Bodally.

    Both Jackson and Worville also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

    The pair were sentenced to two years, six months and two years, three months respectively.

    The court heard officers from Leeds Quartz, a specialist drugs team based at Millgarth Police Station, began an investigation into the Jeff line in December last year after receiving intelligence that drugs were being dealt from a property on Seaforth Road, Harehills.

    Surveillance was carried out over an eight week period and Worville and Jackson were seen on many occasions leaving the property and meeting known drug users.

    These users were then followed and searched where varying amounts of crack cocaine and heroin were found.

    Forensic analysis of mobile phones seized from drug users showed that earlier calls had been placed to one of two mobile phone numbers used by Jeffers and Bodally.

    After the hearing, Det Insp Jaz Khan, from Leeds Quartz, said the convictions were the result of a determined investigation.

    He added: “This investigation has led to the end of a long-running drugs ring supplying heroin and crack cocaine on to the streets of Harehills and Gipton.

    “Their guilty pleas were a demonstration of the weight of evidence against them and I hope their jail sentences will act as warning of how seriously we take those who believe they can peddle drugs”

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    Tags: amsterdam bicycles, amsterdam boats, amsterdam bridges, amsterdam nightlife, amsterdam zoos, architecture, arts, I Am Amsterdam, , I Love Amsterdam, illustration, royal concertgebouw orchestra, the ways of amsterdam, unesco world heritage, unesco world heritage list   

    Know Amsterdam – Feel it – Love It 


    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the latest estimates conclude that there are more bikes in Amsterdam than permanent residents! Have a look at the list below for more interesting and unexpected facts and figures about Amsterdam.


    Based on figures from January 2011. Last updated: February 2012.


    Amsterdam in numbers

    Watch these numbers on video: On a Normal Day


    Inhabitants:     780,559

    Inhabitants in Amsterdam Metropolitan Area:           2,289,762

    Nationalities:   180

    Mayor: 1

    Bicycles:          881,000 (estimated)

    Percentage of people who cycle daily:           58%

    Parks:  40

    Trams: 255

    Busiest tram line:        5 (37,000 users per day)

    Ferries:            9

    Markets:          32

    Shops: 6,159

    Canals:           165

    Canal Ring on UNESCO World Heritage List  1

    Bridges:           1,281

    Houseboats:    2,500

    16th, 17th and 18th century buildings:           8,863

    Gable stones:   654

    Royal Palace:  1

    Windmills:       8

    Museums:        51

    Paintings by Rembrandt:        22

    Nightwatch:    1

    Civic Guard Gallery:   1

    Paintings by Van Gogh:          206

    Wax statues at Madame Tussauds:     140

    Animals at Artis Zoo: 6,100

    Barrel organs:  4

    Carillons:         9

    Historical church organs:        42

    Concerts and theatrical performances per year:          16,000

    Concerts and theatrical performances per day:           40

    Theatres and concert halls:      55

    Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra:       1

    Muziektheater:            1

    Cinemas:         15

    Cafés and bars:           1,515

    Discotheques:  36

    Restaurants:    1,150

    Hotels: 370

    5-star hotels:    12

    Hotel beds:      48,365

    Campsites:       5

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    Tags: , counter productive, , , , , , what next for amsterdam, what next for weed   

    Amsterdam: Counter Productive 

    In Amsterdam, smoking cannabis or hashish is permitted in the city’s coffeeshops. Visitors should keep in mind that other establishments generally do not allow the consumption of soft drugs on their premises.


    Tolerated By The Authorities

    Coffeeshops are permitted to sell a maximum of five grams to each patron and the possession of this, although technically against the law, is tolerated by the authorities. Coffeeshops are taxed and strictly regulated. You must be 18 years of age to enter a coffeeshop.


    All hard drugs and the sale of soft drugs on the street are strictly illegal and therefore punishable by law. Please note that smoking regular tobacco in a coffeeshop is not allowed due to the smoking ban.


    Amsterdam Is Concerned Pass Will Be Counter Productive

    The national government would like to introduce a national membership card system for coffeeshops in the Netherlands, although a final decision isn’t in sight yet. The membership card system would effectively ban tourists from visiting coffeeshops and purchasing soft drugs. Under the new scheme, only Dutch residents of legal age would be eligible for a membership card.


    The City of Amsterdam has concerns about these plans, and recently commissioned research into the potential impact of the card system. Read the press release regarding this research. The City has shared their findings with Security and Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten and entered into consultation with him. For now, critics, coffeeshop owners and coffeeshop tourists will be pleased to know that a final decision could still be several months away.

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