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    Leeds School Locked Down While Armed Police Make Drugs Raid Arrests 

    Armed police swooped on an address in Morley yesterday as part of a National Crime Agency operation. An NCA spokesman said: “West Yorkshire police, acting on behalf of the National Crime Agency, arrested three men in connection with drugs offences in a raid at an address in Morley, Leeds”.

    He said officers from the force had worked to make the scene safe. The drama led to nearby Seven Hills Primary School being placed on lock down for a time. In a statement issued today, the headteacher and governors said: “Due to an operation involving armed police in an adjacent street, Seven Hills Primary School decided to keep pupils on the school site for a short period of time on Monday. “This was to ensure the safety of the children, the adults collecting them, and school staff. The gates were re-opened once police advised the area was safe. We would like to thank parents for their calm co-operation during the incident.”

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    Police Renew Warning Over Contaminated Class A Drugs After Man Dies In West Yorkshire 

    A man is being questioned by police after another suspected drugs related death in West Yorkshire. Paramedics were called to Newstead Avenue in Fitzwilliam just before 2.30pm yesterday. A 43-year-old man had been found unresponsive at the property. He was taken by paramedics to Pinderfields Hospital in Wakefield for urgent medical treatment but died today. Officers have arrested another 43-year-old man on suspicion of supplying Class A drugs. The death is the latest in a series of drugs related fatalities across Yorkshire and the North East, including two last month in Leeds and Normanton. They remain under investigation but are believed to be linked to deadly batches of heroin being circulated on the region’s streets.

    Recent enquiries have led police to fear that dealers are deliberately contaminating Class A drugs with substances called Fentanyl and Carfentanyl – both massively more potent than street heroin. Fentanyl, which is used to relieve pain after surgery, is 100 times more potent than street heroin. Carfentanyl is only used on animals and is 100 times more powerful that fentanyl, meaning that only a few grains could equate to a fatal dose. Yorkshire and Humber Regional Policing, the National Crime Agency and NHS England last week renewed their warning to drug users about the dangers posed.

    It followed a raid on an illicit drugs laboratory in Morley, which was believed to be linked to the production of the contaminated heroin in circulation. Detective Chief Inspector Stuart Spencer, said: “Following a number of deaths in the county over the past month, we are strongly urging those people who regularly use heroin and particularly those who purchase their drugs via street suppliers to be extremely cautious in relation to what they are taking. “Typical symptoms of a Fentanyl overdose include slow and difficult breathing, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and increased blood pressure. Anyone experiencing any unusual symptoms after taking drugs should seek immediate medical attention. “We would recommend any heroin addicts to consider making contact with drug addiction services to seek their support.” Anyone who has information about the distribution of illegal Class A drugs in West Yorkshire is asked to contact police on 101.

    Alternatively information can be passed to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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    Dealer Jailed Over £37,000 Drugs Find At His Leeds Home… 

    A drug dealer caught with £37,500 worth of cocaine and cannabis at his home in Leeds has been jailed for seven and a half years – on his birthday.

    Warren Welsh

    When officers from Leeds district’s specialist drugs team, Operation Quartz, executed a warrant at Warren Welsh’s home in Juniper Place, Harehills, they found the drugs hidden in the house and an outbuilding.

    A search of the house in May also uncovered ‘dealer lists’ of clients’ details, digital weighing scales, a hydraulic press and grip seal bags used for selling drugs.

    Expert analysis identified a total of 750 grams of cocaine in compressed white blocks with a street value of £30,000, 150 grams of cocaine rocks and powder with a street value of £6,000 and 10 bags of cannabis skunk with a street value of £1,500.

    Welsh was charged with three counts of possession with intent to supply class A drugs and one of possession of cannabis with intent to supply.

    Having pleaded guilty at a previous hearing, Welsh, 26, was jailed at Leeds Crown Court on his 26th birthday.

    Det Insp Jaz Khan, from Leeds District Quartz Team, said: “This was a very significant seizure of drugs that were clearly destined to be sold on the streets of Leeds where they would fuel the crime and anti-social behaviour that accompanies Class A drugs use.

    “Welsh celebrated his 26th birthday by starting a very significant prison sentence. We hope this will provide some reassurance to people living in those communities and send out a clear deterrent message to others who are involved in the supply of drugs.

    “Officers from the Quartz Team will continue to gather intelligence from the community and elsewhere and focus their attention on those who think they can get away with dealing drugs without having to face the consequences.

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    West Yorkshire Club Owner Grew Cannabis At Bar 

    Jason Hardy, who received a two-year suspended prison sentence for growing cannabis.

    Published on Thursday 31 January 2013 13:46


    A bar owner was caught growing £35,000 worth of cannabis in one of the premises that he owned.


    A court heard Jason Hardy, 36, began growing the class B drug after a nightclub in Leeds closed due to the recession.

    Police raided Hardy’s bar, Mungo’s, in Batley, on December 4 2011 and found 108 plants on the top floor.

    Leeds Crown Court heard the premises were closed for refurbishment at the time.

    Nicoleta Alistari, prosecuting, said the plants were capable of producing skunk cannabis with a street value of £35,000.

    The next day police received a tip-off to say items were being removed from another of Hardy’s premises – Jardy’s, in Birstall.

    When officers arrived they found a man throwing large amounts of soil and vegetation into a skip.

    They searched the premises and discovered evidence of the building being used as a cannabis farm.

    Hardy, of Clough Drive, Birstall, was arrested and claimed men had approached him and asked him if they could rent a room at Mungo’s.

    He said he initially refused but they then made threats to set fire to one of his businesses.

    Hardy pleaded guilty to producing cannabis and allowing premises to be used for the production of cannabis.

    Anastasis Tasou, mitigating, said Hardy had enjoyed a long period as a successful nightclub and bar owner before the economic downturn.

    He said financial troubles began after he had to close his nightclub in Leeds and were made worse when Mungo’s had to be closed for renovation.

    Mr Tasou said the money from the illegal operation was to pay his mortgage and not to fund any extravagant living for himself or his family.

    He said: “these offences were an act of desperation. He seized upon an opportunity for a short term fix.”

    Judge James Spencer QC gave Hardy a two year prison sentence, suspended for two years and ordered him to do 240 hours unpaid work.

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    Leeds Dial-A-Drug Gang Is Sent To Prison For 15 Years 

    Published on Saturday 24 November 2012 06:50

    JAILED:  Daniel Bodally and below, Tyrone Jeffers. 

    Four men have been jailed after police broke up a major drugs line supplying class A drugs to the Gipton and Harehills areas of Leeds.


    The gang members were involved in running a mobile phone hotline operation known locally as the ‘Jeff Drugs Line’.

    Tyrone Jeffers, 27, of Foundry Mill Drive pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs and was jailed for six-and-a-half years.

    His accomplice, Daniel Bodally, 27, of Cowper Mount, Harehills, also admitted the same charge and was jailed for three-and-a-half years

    Mark Jackson, 26, of Easterly Road, Gipton and Michael Worville, 24, of Easdale Mount, Seacroft, acted as street dealers for Jeffers and Bodally.

    Both Jackson and Worville also pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supply class A drugs.

    The pair were sentenced to two years, six months and two years, three months respectively.

    The court heard officers from Leeds Quartz, a specialist drugs team based at Millgarth Police Station, began an investigation into the Jeff line in December last year after receiving intelligence that drugs were being dealt from a property on Seaforth Road, Harehills.

    Surveillance was carried out over an eight week period and Worville and Jackson were seen on many occasions leaving the property and meeting known drug users.

    These users were then followed and searched where varying amounts of crack cocaine and heroin were found.

    Forensic analysis of mobile phones seized from drug users showed that earlier calls had been placed to one of two mobile phone numbers used by Jeffers and Bodally.

    After the hearing, Det Insp Jaz Khan, from Leeds Quartz, said the convictions were the result of a determined investigation.

    He added: “This investigation has led to the end of a long-running drugs ring supplying heroin and crack cocaine on to the streets of Harehills and Gipton.

    “Their guilty pleas were a demonstration of the weight of evidence against them and I hope their jail sentences will act as warning of how seriously we take those who believe they can peddle drugs”

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    Know Amsterdam – Feel it – Love It 


    Perhaps unsurprisingly, the latest estimates conclude that there are more bikes in Amsterdam than permanent residents! Have a look at the list below for more interesting and unexpected facts and figures about Amsterdam.


    Based on figures from January 2011. Last updated: February 2012.


    Amsterdam in numbers

    Watch these numbers on video: On a Normal Day


    Inhabitants:     780,559

    Inhabitants in Amsterdam Metropolitan Area:           2,289,762

    Nationalities:   180

    Mayor: 1

    Bicycles:          881,000 (estimated)

    Percentage of people who cycle daily:           58%

    Parks:  40

    Trams: 255

    Busiest tram line:        5 (37,000 users per day)

    Ferries:            9

    Markets:          32

    Shops: 6,159

    Canals:           165

    Canal Ring on UNESCO World Heritage List  1

    Bridges:           1,281

    Houseboats:    2,500

    16th, 17th and 18th century buildings:           8,863

    Gable stones:   654

    Royal Palace:  1

    Windmills:       8

    Museums:        51

    Paintings by Rembrandt:        22

    Nightwatch:    1

    Civic Guard Gallery:   1

    Paintings by Van Gogh:          206

    Wax statues at Madame Tussauds:     140

    Animals at Artis Zoo: 6,100

    Barrel organs:  4

    Carillons:         9

    Historical church organs:        42

    Concerts and theatrical performances per year:          16,000

    Concerts and theatrical performances per day:           40

    Theatres and concert halls:      55

    Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra:       1

    Muziektheater:            1

    Cinemas:         15

    Cafés and bars:           1,515

    Discotheques:  36

    Restaurants:    1,150

    Hotels: 370

    5-star hotels:    12

    Hotel beds:      48,365

    Campsites:       5

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    Amsterdam: Counter Productive 

    In Amsterdam, smoking cannabis or hashish is permitted in the city’s coffeeshops. Visitors should keep in mind that other establishments generally do not allow the consumption of soft drugs on their premises.


    Tolerated By The Authorities

    Coffeeshops are permitted to sell a maximum of five grams to each patron and the possession of this, although technically against the law, is tolerated by the authorities. Coffeeshops are taxed and strictly regulated. You must be 18 years of age to enter a coffeeshop.


    All hard drugs and the sale of soft drugs on the street are strictly illegal and therefore punishable by law. Please note that smoking regular tobacco in a coffeeshop is not allowed due to the smoking ban.


    Amsterdam Is Concerned Pass Will Be Counter Productive

    The national government would like to introduce a national membership card system for coffeeshops in the Netherlands, although a final decision isn’t in sight yet. The membership card system would effectively ban tourists from visiting coffeeshops and purchasing soft drugs. Under the new scheme, only Dutch residents of legal age would be eligible for a membership card.


    The City of Amsterdam has concerns about these plans, and recently commissioned research into the potential impact of the card system. Read the press release regarding this research. The City has shared their findings with Security and Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten and entered into consultation with him. For now, critics, coffeeshop owners and coffeeshop tourists will be pleased to know that a final decision could still be several months away.

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    Results Of City Of Amsterdam Research Into Coffeeshops 

    27 Jun 2011

    Press Release

    Research carried out on behalf of the City of Amsterdam into coffeeshops in the city has revealed a series of significant findings.


    Membership Card System

    If a membership card system for purchasing cannabis were to be introduced in Amsterdam, only 30% of those currently using coffeeshops would register themselves for a coffeeshop membership card. Nearly 25% of coffeeshop users claim they would grow their own cannabis or buy it directly from a grower. Roughly 25% say they would buy their cannabis elsewhere, such as through dealers who deliver it to home addresses or on the street.


    About 11% of current coffeeshop visitors say they would stop smoking cannabis if a membership system were introduced. Both coffeeshop owners and those who visit the establishments expect that the introduction of a card membership system alongside the exclusion of tourists would take soft drug dealing back to the streets, where hard drugs are also available.


    New Coffeeshop Policy

    The above findings are drawn from research conducted for the City of Amsterdam into matters including the reasons why coffeeshop users visit a certain coffeeshop instead of another. The research is part of the Coffeeshops Pilot.


    The aim of the pilot is to develop a new Amsterdam coffeeshop policy in order to reduce the nuisance caused by coffeeshops and increase their manageability while encouraging them to remain small-scale and transparent. The pilot will ultimately lead to a plan outlining a more efficient means of distributing coffeeshops throughout the city.


    In order to gain insight into the supply and demand element of the sale of cannabis, observations were made at 59 coffeeshops in Amsterdam and interviews were conducted with 66 coffeeshop owners and 1,214 coffeeshop users. 793 Amsterdam residents completed a questionnaire to help research the effect that coffeeshops have on their immediate surroundings.



    Complaints about coffeeshops stem from nuisance such as too many bikes or scooters parked on the pavement, customers loitering on the street outside the coffeeshop and illegally (double) parked cars. However, observations made outside 195 coffeeshops revealed that such occurrences are relatively infrequent or not specifically related to a coffeeshop.


    When residents were not directly questioned about nuisance they experienced from coffeeshops, the nuisance level reported was not higher in neighbourhoods with a coffeeshop. When directly questioned about nuisance from coffeeshops, 16% of residents indicated that they had experienced nuisance caused by the presence of a coffeeshop.


    Residents who live within 50 metres of a coffeeshop experience nuisance more frequently than those who live further away. The majority of residents (54%) are neutral about a coffeeshop in the neighbourhood, 27% report finding it disagreeable while 17% react positively. A large proportion of residents expect the arrival of coffeeshops and bars in the area to cause a nuisance – more nuisance than they actually experience once the coffeeshop or bar arrives.


    Coffeeshop Visitors

    The average age of the 1,214 coffeeshop visitors interviewed is 32.4 years old (with a range of 18 to 71 years old) and 14% is female. Two out of three visitors interviewed smoke cannabis on a daily basis or nearly every day. By far the most interviewees live in Amsterdam or close to the city and nearly all of their recent visits to coffeeshops were in Amsterdam.


    Outside of central Amsterdam, coffeeshop users have a stronger affiliation to a particular coffeeshop. The primary reasons that attract visitors to a certain coffeeshop include the quality of the cannabis, how friendly the staff are, the atmosphere and the presence of an indoor smoking area.


    Coffeeshop Characteristics

    The majority of coffeeshops are located close to one or more other coffeeshops. In general, the coffeeshops can be easily accessed using public transport and parking facilities are often just a short walk away. It is often difficult to find a parking space close to a coffeeshop.


    Similar to a small café/bar, the coffeeshops tend to have few staff and an average of 27 seats. Four out of five coffeeshops have an indoor smoking area. On average, the coffeeshops are open 14 hours a day and 100 hours a week. The busiest time of day is late in the afternoon and early evening with the coffeeshops receiving an average of nine customers per hour.


    Cabinet Proposal

    Nearing the end of 2010, the City of Amsterdam expressed its concerns to Security and Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten that the cabinet proposals to combat the nuisance caused by coffeeshops and cannabis use amongst young persons (such as the card system and distance criteria) may not have the desired effect and could, in fact, be counterproductive. At the request of the Amsterdam City Council, the Mayor of Amsterdam entered into consultation with Minister Opstelten.


    See also: Amsterdam: new soft drugs policy is counter productive


    City of Amsterdam Press Office, 27 June 2011

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      We are assured by Bull Dog Coffee Shop that if any new Laws or Legislations were to be brought in where Tourist’s were unable to “Purchase” and “Smoke” Cannabis/Marijuana from any Coffee Shop in Amsterdam, then they would begin (Most probably) in January 2013.

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    The Ultimate Ganja (Green Mix) 

    The Hash Express Ultimate 1

    Here is a treat for Y’all out there for the Summer. Listen up, enjoy and please, if “WEED” ain’t you’re thing – Get the fuck out of here and moan to people who will listen, who care and who will suck your skinny arse dick for a VOTE. We’re outta here….Enjoy.

    The Ultimate Ganja Mix (Green Label) Parent Advisory Advised – Adult Content.


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    Tags: amsterdam laws, drug war, legalize marijuana, legalize weed, lost war, smoke it up, the new order   

    Toking It Up In Amsterdam…The True Facts. 

    So many people have asked The Hash Express Ultimate where they stand concerning “Amsterdam” and its new smoking laws? Has the Weed Laws been tightened? Have the Weed Laws been directed at the Tourists? Well, the wait is over for an answer….and an honest answer at that.

    We emailed our contact at “The Bulldog 90 Coffee Shop” in Amsterdam to ask what was going on, how the new laws affected us, and how the new laws would effect the whole Economy of Amsterdam. Then, we contacted an Associated in London, UK, who gave us some very revealing cryptic information that may well “Counter-Act” the decisions and diversions of British Tourists who plan to travel to the Netherlands – just to smoke weed.

    Contacting Amsterdam – – –

    On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 10:31 PM, <> wrote:

    Marcus De Storm sent a message using the contact form at

    I have been hearing that after my recent visit that ALL Coffee Shops are to become “Resident Only” in the instance of buying and smoking Weed. If this be the case, then I believe that the good times are well and truly behind me regarding Amsterdam – Berlin is active still for Coffee Style Shops – unless the laws change again in Amsterdam for the responsible tourists.

    Is this a case of my scheduled visit to Amsterdam this September 2012, that I will not be able to buy and smoke Weed in Amsterdam, or is this just one of those silly “U-Turn” laws that the Government will overturn as soon as the “Economy” which is strengthened on the sale of this great substance sustains? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

    Also, it would definitely be “The Bulldog Coffee Shop” I would be visiting on my trip to Amsterdam. On my last visit I felt so welcome – and I hadn’t had a smoke until I got there.

    Thank you in advance.


    The Global Hasher – Hash of The Hash Express Ultimate 1 (YouTube)

    The Reply:

    Dear Marcus,


    We would like to inform you that Coffeeshops are OPEN. 


    Current restrictions have been placed for visitors (non registered Dutch citizens) in the 3 Southern provinces since May 1st. 2012. The rest of the Netherlands including Amsterdam is scheduled to adapt to the same restrictions at the start of 2013.

    We are proud to be serving you since 1975 and will continue do so    always, as we are THE BULLDOG, The Name With a Heart.




    R. Maigret


    So, there we are, one conclusion to the ongoing rumours which people are having so much fun putting out that Weed is not for Tourists. Eat that up scuzzbuckets. And now, onto the great news for the UK people – or Hashers anyway.

    THE WAR ON DRUGS IS LOST! In a document this week we learnt that the British Government are making plans to initiate and incorporate a plan of action where “Licensed Premises” of a spear-headed experimental “Coffee Shop” style method is to be launched in the United Kingdom next year (2013). The Pilot idea will come under attack from a couple of hundred…alright a couple of thousand people, but not before a couple of million Tokers take advantage of the crucial VOTE. Here’s to 2013.

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