What is it that we do that directs us to embrace all those things like Self-Therapy, Home Comfort Relaxation, socializing within friendly and Safe Environments?

Plenty of people, not so unlike myself and the circle of friends I walk in believe that it is the Freedom part of one’s soul which allows us to reach out and communicate in our very own styles, traits and ways.

No doubt, like those few who feel they have no purpose on this world, you, too, believe that a person who has the right to claim his Free Will, can most certainly retort shambles and stutters equal to the Highguard itself!

For one man’s [or woman’s] Trait which exhausts all possibility, then surely there is another to help revolutionise oneself?

By the way of any road, no matter on the shortness or length of that journey, we as Human Being’s must abide by some caporial sense of logical guideline!  Taking one or several guidelines away from your humanity may extend to minor or major repercussions later on in life.  Clearly, as you [Dr. Bong] will have seen yourself, such Crassness in one’s tone can make all the difference to another.

As clearly displayed by oneself, only one such behavioural intention has simulated itself into our societies and our vast communities themselves.  Neanderthal’s certainly had a rude awakening when the very first of their Primate breed spoke, would you not agree, Dr. Bong?  But what was that very first string of words?  How many words did it consist of?  And, indeed, which language was it spoken in?

One thing is certain it is evident and as visible as we live and breathe, and that is that those very first words were not the dry, vexed, mad ramblings of some middle-aged heretic who believes in themselves with glee, arrogance and above all – Self Pity.  With Self Pity comes the yearning for attention, while attention itself fades with time, as does the temperament, too.  So, for whatever reason you chose to post such a comment(s), whether through Self Pity, or be it for attention, I’m sure that you will respectively understand that with all catalyst’s there are flaws.  No home is the same.  No picture tell’s the same story, nor all finger prints identify all those of the human race.

Each and every one of us is unique, but all the same we share one common adoption from birth – we are all equal.  Those who falter by this adoption tip the balance, whether with acts that only they simulate or which burden their soul.  By creating a world within one’s own mind, it is this that we refer to only to rightly as Escapism, and feeling the need to escape tell’s me a whole new story to your loneliness.

By giving The Hash Express the respect that you would give to that of the rising sun every morning, or sunset that reminds you of home, you will not only receive the same amount of respect – if not more – in return but feel better in yourself.

Peace Out, Brother.

© Gerard Caesar, Manchester, UK (56)

Proud Hasher since 1971.