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It was back in July 2011 when I received a telephone call from Tony, one of the Sales Team Members of “Click-Marketing Solutions” based in Bournemouth, England. He had phoned me a couple of times before this with promises that if I took out a “Service” with “Click-Marketing Solutions”, then my e-commerce website would benefit hugely with the “Traffic”.

When I asked what I would be expecting he proceeded to inform me that I would get 130,000 hits per month easily, and with the guarantee of being on the front page of Google with the initial set-up fee of £120.00 (£99.00 + VAT). It would be that £120.00 per month for 12 months would then be paid by my company to continue a great service.

On the 1st August 2011, “Storm Multi-Media Technologies” paid through its Business Credit Card the £120.00 (£99.00 + VAT) to “Click-Marketing Solutions” in Bournemouth, with every expectation of receiving a “Mirror Site” and “Traffic” exceeding 100,000 per month. Once I had paid the initial £99.00 + VAT, I was then told that a Member of the Bournemouth Team would contact me with instructions on how to send a LOGO of my Company for the “Mirror Site”, which they did. Alan rang me and told me to send the logo of “Storm Multi-Media Technologies” so that he could prepare the Website Face. And, as Tony had also promised me a 9 Day Fast Track placement upon the initial payment, I sat in wait until Alan returned the call to tell me that the site Face had been completed.

One month past and I sent an email (Please see attached: ) which asked the question “Have I been scammed?”), ten minutes later I received a telephone call from “Click-Marketing Solutions” telling me that they would look into the problem. The following day I was contacted by Alan who apologised that the site Face had taken longer than expected but it was now done. But this was not the disappointment of force that hit me. I was hit with a withdrawal of monies from “Click-Marketing Solutions” for £725.00 – but how could they take this out of my account? I phoned the bank Santander, and asked them.

Because I had initially authorised “Click-Marketing Solutions” to take the £99.00+VAT out of my Business Account, it gave them the authority to take the £725.00 out, too. I was beside myself; surely the bank would have rung and asked if it was a genuine transaction? But no, they allowed the monies to be removed.

When I contacted “Click-Marketing Solutions”, they told me that I was lucky and that they would have every right to take the whole amount owing for the 12 months which made £1,500. For what? Well, after three whole months I had been contacted twice, and the second time was from a woman from “Click-Marketing Solutions” asking how I was enjoying the excellent service! I exclaimed “What Service?” and she told me then that she would ring me back the following day at 1.30pm – I am still awaiting this call back – and she would find out what the problem was.

I phoned the bank and requested a “Charge Back” on the monies, with the reasons being that “Click-Marketing Solutions” not only lied to me, but they helped themselves to my Company Business Account money. When I was told that a form would be sent out to me and that they would “Try” and get the money back, I was then put into a position where “Click-Marketing Solutions” had forced my hand. And so, I set out to Blog the experience on all 38 Blogs that my Company is a part of (Now 42 with additional Blogs started). A couple of days later I was contacted by “Click-Marketing Solutions”, who asked me to remove the Blog Posts. I told them the reasons behind the Blog Post and they told me that the Service promised would go ahead. It was now that they informed me that “Storm Multi-Media Technologies” was on the first page of Google and that the two Premium Words used were “IP-Security Leeds” and “IP-Surveillance Leeds”. When I typed them into Google Search, true enough they came up with my company. But there was also the lack of Traffic, to which Tony and others in the Company had promised me for my payments.

Since August 2011 until today, my companies Traffic has fallen dramatically, in fact, my company has not made a single sale in three months. Now I’m not pointing fingers at anyone or anything, but, fair is fair – If a company promises you 100,000 hits of Traffic with their Services, then 100,000 hits of Traffic you should get, right? Now, obviously, when they came across my Blogs that contained the “Post” about my disappointment in their company, they should really have “Clicked” that I Blog a lot, not to mention “Niching” and “Article” writings all over the world. The 1,000,000 Internet hits among all 38 blogs up until November 29th 2011 proves that maybe there is some weight in my style of writing, as well as the topics which they cover.

As of today, however, Sunday 11th December 2011, I give “Click-Marketing Solutions” a choice, either a “Full Refund” of monies back to my Company, or the war of words, “Truths” as I prefer to call them will begin. This is no longer about the money that they took from my start-up company, but the principle of them being “Silent”, “Non-Responsive” and “Poor Service” givers. As I am still awaiting a telephone call from them, I’m sure as soon as this statement of Facts has been posted I will get their attention. If this is the case, then that telephone conversation will be recorded and posted, as will every other conversation and email that they send me. Every bit of information regarding “Storm Multi-Media Technologies” and “Click-Marketing Solutions” will be Posted to Blog Domains, Websites and other Conduits throughout the world – Globally – until I am satisfied that my Company has received “Justice and Compensation”.

There is the matter of “Courts”, well, let me bring you up to speed where Courts are concerned, especially when it concerns SEO Companies like “Click-Marketing Solutions”. They are “Hind Sided”, which basically means, if they take me to court for speaking “Truths” of my experiences, then the chances are they WILL walk away pale faced, blushing with humiliation and even holding tightly a Bill for Court Costs, Damages and other little details that will have them more than likely holding a vendetta against S.M.M.T., but hey, this is the real world and in a real world there is “Justifiable Actions”. Blogs, Niches and Website Reviews can make or break a Company – do they really want to run the gauntlet of which they themselves have begun?

Let the war begin…

In the meantime, “Storm Multi-Media Technologies” would certainly warn other Companies, especially those that have an e-commerce attached to their company to think, question and acquire “Concrete Evidence”, “Testimonials” and “Written Promises” from this Company that swears that THEY can get you any traffic – if at all – before accepting their “Services”.