First of all, the “Hash Code” is variable, not absolute or set in stone.  Though The Hash Code is in place, however, the rules and governing of the code is precise and more often than not essential to a person or persons wanting to be safe during the use, participation or involvement within a certain criteria that exceeds that of street legal usage of products around the world.

For thousands of years, people have partaken in the exclusiveness of either Cannabis Sativa (Cannabis) or Marijuana, while others have refused the involvement of these herbs.  Contrary belief have led to the arguments of these herbs being safe or unsafe, even though the evidence has somewhat accumulated thus far to say they contain “Psychoactive” properties, but have failed in every instance to prove any one person has EVER died from the use of them.

As far as this Network is concerned, both Marijuana and/or Cannabis is and always will be treated as is: “A vice that is similar in charactoristics to both alcohol and tobacco”.  We do not condone the use by those who are immature or otherwise believe that it can assist in illegal gains.

The Hash Code:

1. Self preservation of oneself takes presidence over everything, unless it includes a family member.

2. The surrounding environment of which the partaking takes place will encourage the awareness of respecting other people’s property, beliefs and ways to a degree of shared interest.  In respecting these values the partakers will indeed become respected themselves and obtain what is commonly refered to as “Right of Passage” through the association of friends.

3. Partaking in the use of such products as Cannabis and/or Marijuana consists of both availability by oneself and the availability by others, who by their own merit and financial decision to obtain and/or purchase, does then initiate the act of a “Session”.  In respect to this being noted, it is verified that one or two partakers insist on “Leeching” or in its common known term “With-holding” such objects from the “Session” and thus allowing others to run dry their own supplies by giving free handouts.  The Hash Code does not condone the “Leech Effect”, nor does it condone the holding back of something that others are willing to share with the forethought that the same will be done for them in the same manner.

4. The creation of one’s line in which they will not cross under any circumstance activates the one key rule of The Code: “Know your limits”.  It was first constructed with the “Session” in mind, that a person weighing just under 7 stone would not be able to keep up to anyone weighing more than themselves!  Knowing exactly when to draw the line comes in many shapes and forms, especially when that limit has been exceeded.  Certainly, a person of any weight, size, colour or origin is unmeasurable against someone who is lighter, heavier or hungrier than themselves, and this, of course, initiates the “Porcelain God Syndrome”, or more commonly recognised as “Throwing ones guts up”.  If your limit be anywhere around the 3G mark, then concede to the fact that this is YOUR limit and bow out respectively.  Very few people have reached the 1/4OZ limit, and I for one, believe that this amount is OTT (Over The Top) for any one Toker.  In this I DO mean one quarter of an ounce to oneself.

5. The term “Trouble At The Mill” may not sound familiar to most, but for some of those Old Schooler’s out there, the metaphor itself is indeed “Self Explanatory”.  Violence should never be tolerated while a “Session” is under way, nor should it be fuelled in any way either.  The Code is in place to safeguard the partakers themselves (see Hash Code No.1), not the individual that is going Nelly on the AK, so be considerate and join together to resolve the issues brought foreward by means of Calming, Reassuring or just Talking with the individual about the source of his/her anxiety.  “Trouble At The Mill” should then become defused and result in “Peace On The Hill”.

6. In many countries the term “Fraternity” or “Crew” is frowned upon by those that refer to themselves as “Dedicated Tokers”.  Here on The Hash Express, we look at the “Fraternity” or “Crew” as a sizeable “Brotherhood”, but not that which converges or descends upon times of trouble or of any form of violence.  Very seldom do we see or hear of such “Groups”, especially one’s that ae in their “Masses”.  Within the realm of the Network, however, there is a highly enriched “Brotherhood” that is refered to as “The Tokers Guild”, and one which is proud to adhere and follow The Hash Express Code.  The Tokers Guild is one group of which converges for regular talks on the things that matter and discusses the way forward as a whole.  The Tokers Guild is not there as a statement to condone “Mass Gathering” for violence or to pre-launch violent attacks.

7. Lastly, of course, is the most genius of all the codes that exist within the multitudes of “Codes” and that is the concept of “Respect” and respectively, the ingredients that make up the whole idealism behind respecting other people and other people’s property as a whole, or in part as many point out in this day and age.
Respect has to be earned, and, as it has to be earned so does trust.  Without these two factors in life we exist in a kind of “Limbo” that will undoubtedly eat away at us, until eventually what remains is solitude and bitterness.  So, when out and about visiting and while at home enjoying a long, short, brief “Session”, remember, its nice to be important, but its more important to be nice.  Above all – What goes around comes around.