On The Hash Express [T.H.E] Ultimate’s YouTube Channel, you can find a whole array of Video’s which the team here on The Network have hand-picked and made for your listening pleasure.

To access this site and see all these video’s you only have to click on the large Thumbnail links.  For easy access, we thought that we would bring our YouTube Submissions home to the WordPress Channel’s.  From the birth of The Hash Express Ultimate on the YouTube Network, to the present day, we organised these links for your easy access to the Entertainment Channel that The Network run.

Be prepared to step back in awe, or at the best you’ll be surprised to hell with the selection we offer.  From Luna Moon’s, as seen on The Electronic Skies WordPress Channel, to the best in Collectable and rare Musical pictorial seen anywhere [we hope] on the Internetwork’s World Wide Web.  Experience a side of Hash that you’ve never seen before, with Pictures, Vid-associated-links to Topical based era’s, Musical Blog Links with rare grooves and up to date selections by The Network.  There are one or two Video Comment Responses to other users on the YouTube Network, while throughout the rest of our Network, you can gain access to basically anything that is Multi-Media – Which we believe the goal has been reached!  Or maybe at the point where Upgrading is our way forward.

Whatever your taste in the world of Multi-Media, we at The Network hope that it is one of our Channels that you visit – Purely because we believe our shit is good.  What do you think.

Comment, Rate & Subscribe if you wish.