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On April 9th 2010, Joseph Cadwell made this grim discovery!  It is what scientists are calling a “Prehistoric Razortooth”, and with a thorough examination by Joseph’s Vetenarian brother, Brad, it was found the minute Sea Monster had died of over pressure through every organ.

Scientist’s believe that the Razortooth may have escaped to the deep depths of water around the coast of Oceania, which could explain the sudden implosion of its body organs.  What is baffling scientist’s, is the fact that the outer skeleton of the strange-looking sea creature is not tarnished with severe damage.

The real question, Joseph tells us, is “Where the hell did it come from?  And if it’s definitely from our ocean floor, then why haven’t we seen these before?  There are a lot of unanswered questions out there in Oceania, and I believe with a find like this on the beach, what can we find out there floating about?”

The Razortooth was found by Joseph on Traxen Beach, one of Oceania’s longest private beaches.  Even more daunting is the fact that the fish was found only two hours after Iceland’s volcano first erupted.  So far there have been no reports of any other strange Prehistoric Creatures littering the oceans.

Professor Maxwell Pritchard, of The Odessa Institute of Oceania, told reporters that the Razortooth is one of the worlds most rare species of fish.  While using the deep-sea beds to hunt its prey, the fast adaption to water pressure becomes easy for it to survive.  Even extreme cold temperatures would not become a problem for the Razortooth.

“The remarkable thing about this Razortooth, is the fact that it is evidently a youth, not an adult!  Tests have been carried out on both the fish and Mr. Cadwell, as this is a rare species it prompted concerns that the fish may have brought with it new strains of aqua-viruses from the sea beds.  The last time anything like this happened, it was in China, when a crew of fishermen found a 150 foot Giant Squid.  Though the Giant Squid was dead [and had been for some time] it still left one question unanswered…Where did it come from?”  Professor Pritchard told a press conference.

Today, Joseph Cadwell and his brother scour the shorelines and the open sea for traces of other new strange species of fish, but so far they have found nothing but a trail of ascending magma gas from the sea bed.

“The theory that Mr Cadwell and his brother suggested, of the Razortooth being released from some dormant state due to the recent volcanic eruption in Iceland, is totally preposterous!  Volcano’s are erupting all over the world, everyday, and some are even bigger than what we have seen.  The sudden ascending gases from the sea bed of Oceania, are just signs of the planet getting old;  tiny cracks in the skin appear all the time in old age, and that is exactly what the planet is doing – getting old.”

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