In the Summer of 1991, with the height of the “Acid House” phenomenon and the rebirth of “Techno” and “Rave“, I became self aware of the vast amounts of “Chemical” assisted products that were being consumed each and every weekend.  As it was such artists like Tiesto, The KLF, Liebrand, Carl Cox and Tim (Gurbert) Utah and his Saints, who had subsequently chunneled their artistic beats and melodies far enough through my brain to bring to the forefront two new ideas.
I was never one for the “Crystal” method, although I cannot deny the joint participation in the dabbling once or twice, but it was music alone that was my main passion through this decade of “Losing Oneself”.
Two thoughts which were completely linear with one another grew so quickly and so fast, that one minute I was in The Club kissing an array of neon strobes filling the sky, and the next, I was at home putting pen to paper like it was vital that I did so.  Dawn broke in a new day, another era, another creative idea that was soon to recieve more than 150 followers worldwide!
For me, 1991 was an almost fairly good year, except for the several deaths of friends which seemed to put some habits and lifestyles on the back burners for a while, if not permenantly.  But, believe it or not, only one death that year had been from excessive use of any notorious narcotic.  People around me and my Crew were having bad days, bad weeks, even pretty damned bad months.  But in all the madnessness and sadness each became self adaptive in their own way, as some believed the path of “Rave“, “Trance” and beat box “House” music in The Club, was the only sure way of averting the much laden amounts of stress.
The Club and the people there became everything.  People who danced around you on the dance floor, who stood with you at the bar (if you were getting water) all came from much different walks of life, which even the rich rubbed shoulders with the thieves and lower classes, and the point was they didn’t care.  A bit fucking strange when you consider the remote possibility that there was the six degree theory in operation then, as it still is today, that “Chance” gives the odds that you either know or will get to know that person through some linear occurance in time.  Yeah, my head was starting to wonder the same before I edited the explanation down a little. Originally I was going to go with: “The chances were they would definitely cancel out the De Ja Vous practicality, either by mutual intergration or, by the contreversal Government design of prosecution”, for which I thought was pretty cool!
I believed that the main stay of the process in life back then had to be the collaberation of both “Pleasure & Sorrow”.  There was certainly much sorrow!  Somewhere in between there was the short pretruding branch which enabled me to write.  And write I did. And write I still do.
As I have already said, I had many friends, associates amd most of all, I had many subjects.  Charactor’s they were refered to at most nightly “Sessions“, each with a “Nickname” and all with a story to tell.  Combining everything together I began to form one of the biggest “Plots” I had ever seen put together.
By the time Christmas came in that same year, I continued to attend “The Club”, while my wide-awake mornings from the night-before brought the “Title” that I was in such desperate need for.  With the three quarter finished first part of my “Autobiography” – Rainbow Colours: Within The Rainbow – near completion, I gambled a lot on the idea of bringing into written form the life and tribulations of the ’80’s, ’90’s and far beyond.
Influenced and educated further by what the television corporations put out on their broadcasts (except for The James Whale Show, of course), my attention was drawn to a specific series: “Filthy Rich & Catflap“.  Truly a classic in its own right, but bettered only by the genious comic duo that made it what it was – Bloody side-splittingly funny – and even today the show still remains to bring a smile to my aging face.
In the latter part of Winter 1992, I had completed the very first “Chapter” in the series of a fresh new concept in “Dual Charactorisation” for the use of in book or comic form.  The name I gave it was the only one name that would associate the writings to me and with such a catchy title, I suspected that others would attempt to use, steal or find some other way to get it from me.
TABS & GANJ™ was finally born, or at least it was on paper (No chance of a lower class citizen as me having anything remotely resembling a PC or Laptop back then), which urged me NOW (then) to get it typed out and time stamped in some way.  That was that, I purged myself with the local college and did little by little each and everyday until finally I finished and got it put onto disc.  But that wasn’t the end…
The second idea as I have pointed out earlier, had began to fill my head so much after the completion of “Tabs & Ganj”™, almost as if the back-log of the idea for the “Surreal Drugs Comedy” was holding the second idea back somehow.  Eventually I got to grips with my second most important project – Brotherhood Of The Realms”, the most time spent novel I had ever set out to write.  With more than 60,000 hours spent writing it, and almost certainly a feast of various narcotics to inspire and keep the “Writer’s Block” away, it was finally completed in the summer of 2004, exactly to the month that I finished “Rainbow Colours“.  It was something special and also something that had tired me so much that the editing of the novel was put off until Autumn 2005.
Today both projects can be seen across the MKDS Networks.  If you would like to read these books, then please click on the MKDS Main Network Link at the side of this page, if you cannot find them, then please contact me via my personal email address at G-Mail.