Greetings one & all.  This page is set aside for one purpose and one purpose only, for the use of The Hash Express Community within the MKDS Network structure.  Here you may place short messages up on the board for other Network Subscribers to see.  If you are not already subscribed to The Hash Express, then you may do so now, if you wish.  Subscribing is not mandatory, so the option is left open to you.  It is FREE to subscribe and will never cost you a penny for the duration, and, as The Hash Express is updated weekly [on average] you will not get bombarded with cluttering emails from the BlogSite.  So, what can you post?  Well, anything & everything, as long as you abide by the rules & regulations.  You know the one’s – They are the Common Sense one’s that anyone and everyone should understand.  But just so we are clear: No threatening behaviour, no slating anyone else down, no posting of information that is otherwise liable, untrue or which may cause violent retaliation.  Definitely no SPAMMING on the site, I, as well as the Network do not tolerate Spammers, so be safe, be smart and keep it all within reason.  Alternatively, if you wish to do all the things you can’t do on here, change channel to Yahoo.  OK, Hasher’s, stay safe, stay well and remember, it is nice to be important, but more important to be nice – MC HP (Scooter).  Keep it real and may the Delta-9 keep you sane and happy.