A Leeds Vicar today found himself in hot water – and was anything but Holy Water.  Rev. X, had spent months making calls to world-wide Church figures, to lure them to his village church, which was done, says the Vicar “In the name of Marijuana!”  Something that the church is few and far between deciding whether or not to intervene with the vote which may pass the paper for its “Decriminalization”.

It is believed that Rev. X, contacted many of the top Church Officials who had nothing good to say about the wild growing herbal troublemaker that has had the whole world in mass debate, controversy, wars and Chaos Theory-Type rumours of its true global status.  When these officials arrived, Rev. X had more than an ordinary Tea Party for the traveller’s concerning the Church.

“We have evidence and statements that tell us the Reverend had prepared drinks, cakes and cigarettes to mark this historic occasion, something that we as protector’s of the community don’t take too kindly to.  The Reverend had made Marijuana tea leaves, which he carefully administered into home-made tea bags, and had made what the Dutch refer to as ‘Space Cake’ that the Reverend fooled the Clergy Men into believing the cakes, buns and chocolates were from his Parish Community.  Of course, only after several hours did one of the Bishops blew the whistle on the plot which was apparently designed to sway their opinions on a voting for the drug.”  Detective Roy Sayeed told reporters.

After finding only a couple of minutes with the Reverend, the tabloids were told: “My actions were for the Clergy to put their money where their mouths are!  Only by participating in the recreational side of Marijuana, would they know and finally realise that the herb is not a drug, but a substance which could help so many.  I may be shunned by the church for failing to spread the word of god, but what they don’t realise is that the word of god does not say that we are sinner’s or law breakers when it comes to Marijuana.  It is a law made by government officials that are constrained by the limitless depths of their Draconian beliefs.”

Today, Rev. X was taken away to a holding cell charged with “Unlawful Drug Poisoning”, one of the harshest crimes that accompany Murder and Genocide.  If found guilty by his peers, Rev. X could be looking at an indefinite stay in a British jail without the chance of parole or acquittal if ever the drug was made legal, or even decriminalized by the government while he serves his sentence in prison.

Unlawful Drug Poisoning.

The act of cohersing, unknowingly or without knowledge to the defendant of an administration of uncontrolled or controlled drugs, liquids or otherwise capable solutions. In any case of this truly vicious criminal act, the Court should only see fit to induce the very harshest punishment of Indefinite incarceration. There is no Bail or Bail Conditions applied to this charge, therefore, by the right of Her Majesty the Queen, the maximum custodial sentence would be ‘Natural Life’, with acquittal’s being the only law to overturn this sentence.

With the court date pending further enquiries, there is no doubt that G.W.N will be following this report as it develops over the following months.

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