In the beginning half of the year 2000, I created a Yahoo Group titled “The Directory”, which ran for more than 3 years.  During my early Blog-like days on the Yahoo, Tripod and MSN Blogs, I began to experience something extraordinary.  With a huge response to the Group I had a final number of more than 1,800 members around the world.  Unfortunately, Yahoo found it in their interrest to delete the Group and a couple of others like it, and so “The Directory” died.

In 2005, with the help of other networks throughout the Internet, I attempted to create another “Directory”, but again, these BlogSites were stopped or deleted.  It was in the summer of 2008 that my last attempt to open some form of “Directory” was finally accepted, and it was on the XGlass Network that I was congratulated for opening such a “Topical” discussion Blog, and therefore exceeded myself way beyond Yahoo and all the other free Blog Sites out there.

The Directory now exists throughout the MKDS Network, and, as well as the chance to bring the “Topical” debates to WordPress users, it also gives the option to share with all other Blog Sites on a Global scale.  As far as the future is concerned, Hash Express will continue to provide such topics which bring reaction, whether good or bad, to the forefront where there could possibly be a debate or IM Chat initiated.  Although the topic’s covered are sometimes refered to as ‘Taboo’, or inapropriate to leave for preference, reference or otherwise.  But to reassure people, we on the MKDS Network lean toward the more experienced side of the topics, rather than encourage the same actions or reactions in any way, shape or form.

In November 2009, the MKDS Network are opening another Blog that pays homage to “The Directory” and its respected duplicates.  With all the latest news, articles and stories that covers the category, it is hoped that the new Directory will bring quite a crowd in.  With pictorial processes and more in-depth experiences, more rare news facts and the opportunity to know everything that not everybody else does “The Directory” will rise high above the rest.  Watch This Space.