I’m prepared to take one for the team – Men of the Globe – and, at the very same time rank up two whole points on the comeback.  Confused!  Then let me explain a bit clearer for you.

My wife reverted back to a non-weed smoker a little over eleven years ago, which was fine by me, sure, it was just that now I didn’t have a Hashing Buddy.  Fuck I got bored sometimes, you know, when you see something really funny and all you want to do is share it with the only other person in the house who will laugh along with you?  Those days were golden.

A couple of weeks ago while out and about around the city, I came over all strange and witty!  This for a man is pretty regular I’m told by many women, who also go on to reveal that not every occasion results in success.  This could possibly be because its women counting the clicks, the votes, the numbers, I don’t know I’m taking a wild guess.

Passing our local food store I turned to my wife and asked (as I always do) if there was anything we needed?  When the answer came back that there was nothing she could think of, I pulled into that crowded Car Park anyway and parked up the Parent’s & Toddler’s bay, you know, right next to the low suspension Bugatti Veron with the two Dot.Com millionaires gripping their bottle of Magnum Pink Champagne!

Now, here’s a question for all those guys out there that even dare answer correctly, don’t worry this site is secure and your names will not be disclosed.  How many times have you driven your girlfriend, fiancé, wife or lover to the Supermarket and heard those same old words: “I shouldn’t be long, I only need a couple of bits?”

I reckon every man who is reading this gag is nodding their fucking head right now and saying: “Yeah, man, that’s fucking right!”  As all the women reading this gag will be saying to themselves, depending on how dirty they fight: “Is that a fucking fact?”  But men should not falter from their stance on this issue, and do you want to know why?  Because I took one for the team, and Brother’s, I taught the women a lesson they won’t forget for a long time to come.  And I do mean that in the literary sense, too, my wife still finds it difficult to speak to me in more than two sentences.

Getting out of the car and waving to my smiling, lovely wife and our adorable twins, I made for the entrance of the Supermarket and began to submerge myself in the huge crowd until I was out of sight from them.  It was now that I made a swift bee-line for the Supermarket cafe and bought a lovely Latte…then another…and then another, until finally, some fucking forty-five minutes later I gets a text from my wife asking “Where are you up to?”

Calmly finishing off the fourth Latte, I text back: “My forth Latte, thanks very much.  See you in five!”

Strangely enough, whenever we go to the Supermarket now, it is rarely ten to fifteen minutes waiting time before I see the wife running across the car park with the dodgy trolley and flinging herself at the boot door for balance.  So, a bad point of the women now sorted with an added bonus.  Of course, you are on your own if you’re going to try this out, because some cases I’m sure may end tragically for men.  As for any women out there that try on the men and succeed, just remember one thing – It was a man who thought of it first, and that man was ME.

© Marcus Kasabian De Storm, Walton, UK.  (42)