For years many people, especially the Toker’s among us, have looked into the realms of alternate and dirivitive methods of achieving satisfaction through smoking the Herb.  Some have tried and failed, while others have, indeed, found a new altern to both Cannabis and that of Marijuana.

With so many Herbalist shops opening in various town’s and cities across the UK, it is sometimes hard to find the right one which offers the REAL McCoy “Legal High” which, of course, is classed as “Street Legal”.  One product that comes to my mind in which was a pretty big mistake, was that of “Purple Hearts”, which were sold as “Legal Ecstasy” but turned out to raise a users blood pressure, dehydrate them, not only on the dance floor but also by just sitting or standing up.  It was a major bollock that the company had dropped in my opinion.

Today, with more than 300 varients on the open market, many Toker’s are reluctant to go out and buy these products because they just don’t know what the product will do to them, themselves.  So they wait a while until “Joe Blogs” or the local “Joey or Johnny” go down the herbalist shop and buys a sample.  Checking off all the good points one by one, which is obviously “Total Survival” being the main upside, it will be then tried by the “Normal Joe’s or Johnny’s” until at last the product has a reasonable “Client Base”.  Products having all the right “Factors” will be a success through price, quality, quantity and attitude of the proprietor (or Manager).

Recently, armed with a G of Church, one the strongest “Kick Arse” Hybrids in the Marijuana range, I was introduced to a newish Herbal altern that went by the name of “Salvia”.  First of all, it was believed that the shredded product was Tea Leaves, until reading the back of the box.  In the moments of reading the description I was surprised and impressed…but only if the writing that I was reading was correct.  Below is a copy of the description as given by the packing company that distributes “Salvia” word for word.

Salvia 5X

Organic Extract

Salvia divinorum is harvested in the high mountains of Oaxaca by the native people (Mazatec Indians) then dried, cured and blessed.
The Mazatecs use it as part of spiritual ceremonies and traditional healing; it has become a powerful tool for soul searching and exploration of the consciousness.
Mazatec’s Golden is organically grown then hand picked by the Mazatec Indians, it is carefully placed in the shade to dry over a long period of time, this preserves and cures the leaves.  Salvia 5X Organic Extract is 5 times the strength of Mazatec’s Golden, on average it takes 5g of leaf to produce 1g of 5X Extract.


Sold for Botanical/Horticultural/ Herbarium Specimens (Herbaria are collections of dried preserved specimen that document the identity of plants and fungi.  They represent reference collections with many and varied functions including identification, research and educational).

Average Contents 1g

Unbeknown by many “Toker’s” is the actual ‘Identity’ of this herbal plant which we take the Extract from. Below is a picture of the Salvia Herbal Plant before it is placed into darker conditions.

Herbal Plant

The Salvia Herb

This is one of the smoothest and enriched “Legal High” for the purpose of smoking that I have ever had the honour of participating in.  The use of this Herb should be, in all fairness, taken better in small amounts.  As I have said before, Salvia 5X has neutralised both Church (a hybrid class of Marijuana) as well as other “Legal High’s” not that far off matching Salvia itself.

Alas, as the saying goes: “The party is now over!” with the Government now thinking of banning both “Salvia” & other dirivitives which the establishment say are in no way completely “Street Legal” because the properties and effects of these branded “Safe” Herbal Organics are unknown!

For those who believe they pay a lot for this herb compared to the “Street Prices”, have a look at the Source price below.  In the City the price is £10.00 for 1g of Salvia 5X and increases £5.00 for each increased dose. e.g 5X = £10 & 10X = £15.00 and so on.