A stark discovery was revealed today, after police found a man staggering around an open field in Hanover, France, with barely the strength to speak his own name, it was reported on GWN.

An 18-year-old man was found wandering around an open field in Hanover, after he was reported to police as “Acting very suspiciously.”  The man, who can only be named as Jean, claims that he was kidnapped by a notorious French Drug Cartel who then experimented on him with new strains of sometimes lethal narcotics.

After police acquired a consented blood test from the man, the traces of narcotics, of large doses were found to be consistent with the story that he gave to police.  According to the statement which the unnamed man told police, he was “Patient X” for the European Cartel that had kidnapped him from a quite market town several hundred miles from where he was found.  He was then blind-folded before being taken to a fresh painted white villa that was guarded heavily with more than forty military-styled guards, many of whom taunted and teased him with mind games.

Leading the hunt in the case is Captain Michel Samuel, the highly decorated Police Officer that smashed a €275 billion European Marijuana and Cocaine bust in Paris.  Captain Samuel, speaking from his offices in Florence, told an on-line journalist that the man was being treated for shock, starvation and drug addiction.

“These kidnapper’s need to be caught and brought to justice for the crimes committed on this innocent man.  I have been given the green light to head this investigation and when I say that I will find these men, I do mean, I will find them, arrest them and finally bring them in front of the Royal French Courts and have them behind bars for the rest of their natural lives.  We have a detailed statement from the abducted man, with more than several hundred leads to break the case.  It is just a matter of time – and that time is very short for those responsible in the kidnapping of Jean.”

Releasing only the smallest details of the harrowing experience, Captain Samuel, told us that:

1. Jean was kidnapped while he was out shopping for tobacco on a quite Sunday afternoon when he was attacked from behind and loaded into a custom painted A-Team-like van.

2. He was made to smoke Marijuana cigarettes throughout his journey to the villa.  The journey which took almost five hours to reach.

3. He was so intoxicated by the cigarettes of Marijuana, that the victim could only make it to the toilet the once, when his legs and hands became useless.

4. He was forced to participate in guard games; Basketball, paint balling, hide and seek, clay pigeon shooting and playing games on-line.  Only when Jean became too intoxicated did the guards help him back to his room inside the prison villa.

5. Allowed him to shower only three days out of seven, Jean was then ordered by the Cartel Bosses to wear clothes like those they wore, for fear that other visiting Cartel Bosses thought their business associates were weak by allowing him his own clothing.

6. The Cartel forced their captive to attend late night parties and private functions while they laced him with both alcohol and drugs until he could not concentrate on doing anything, not even the thought to escape the mad house.

7. In several instances, was made to fish while the Cartel Boss accompanied him to the coast and conducted his business with other Bosses.

8. That Jean was tested with a new cocaine based drug that will become available on the street in 2011.

Captain Samuel gave no indications of whether the net was closing in on the criminals, but he did mention the fact that the Cartel would have to be as smart as the police to escape capture. A statement that the honoured Officer used before last Mass Drug Bust.

“What these pitiful excuses for men fail to realise, is that the intoxication period of this torture is temporary, not permanent. As soon as Jean regains his partial or full memory of the ordeal, we will be knocking on someone’s villa door wanting answers to questions that are much too vile to repeat in a National Tabloid.”  Captain Samuel told us.

Further to Jean’s identity, the police have released information to his family, who are now concerned whether he will sustain any brain or major function deterioration.

The case continues.  Anyone with any information leading to the capture of this Cartel, should contact the police and give them details.  Already in action is a €100,000 European reward.

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