Proposition 19 Vote Yes

Few people here in the UK know what “Proposition 19” is, especially as it is an American affair, and in particular, it is centred around California.  To us, here in the UK, “Proposition 19” is an ear-marker, something that should be followed by those responsible in the Like-Mind, rather for those that are stuck in their Draconian ways; old fuddy-duddy Judges, Lawyers, Councillor’s, MP’s, Government [Central and Local].

As a smoker of both Marijuana and Cannabis myself, it can be truly said that there are many people out there that alienate me and people like me.  Strange is the feeling and fact that if I attend a party and drink myself into one of those embarrassing situations, people laugh it off and say that it is definitely one for the books.  However, when I have attended parties and brought out the odd Reefer, Joint, Dubey of Marijuana and lit it up, to my shock, people have cast me out, shunned me, disowned me and even made life difficult for me in the short-term. Strange.

The most surprising thing, is after you have read this page, you will draw one conclusion, and one conclusion only.  That I, as a smoker of Marijuana and Cannabis, am no more an enemy of the world than a person who drinks alcohol or smokes normal branded cigarettes.  Because for me, I don’t care if a person smokes weed or not.  I don’t care if they shun me or disown me, because at the end of the day, I am 43 years old and have lived a life that has taken me through many fantastic stages, met people and made friends that would otherwise walk on the other side of the street to me.  The learning curves, the journey of life, the tribulations and dangers that I have been nurtured by, have all brought me to a place where I am happy with life…I am happy in myself.

So, Proposition 19, what is it and what is the separation between fact and fiction?  Well, after scouring the Internetwork over the last week or so, I discovered this simple lamon’s description and news feed from an American news agency.  It is filled with information that you may well want to follow-up on, and above all, it outlines the basic questions and answers that should be paramount to your three top questions; What, Who and Why?  Because if you don’t ask the right question, you won’t ever get the right answer, right?

Proposition 19: Key Facts on California’s Marijuana Legalization Vote

David KnowlesDavid Knowles Writer

AOL News Surge Desk

In November, California residents will vote on whether to legalize marijuana for personal use. If passed, the law would allow Californians over the age of 21 to grow and transport pot so long as it is for personal use. In addition, marijuana legally sold in dispensaries would be subject to state taxes.

But the ballot proposition raises numerous questions about what life would be like in a freely toking Golden State. After looking into the intricacies of Proposition 19, Surge Desk offers the following primer:

How much pot would a person be allowed to possess?

Up to one ounce, which, as CBS News points out, is “enough to roll dozens of marijuana cigarettes.”

Would people be allowed to smoke pot in public?

No. Moreover, the law mandates that pot smokers over the age of 21 would be forbidden to light up in the presence of minors.

If Prop. 19 passes, can Californians drive while high?

No. Police would still be able to arrest anyone driving while impaired.

How much money can California hope to raise by taxing marijuana sales?

Estimates for increased tax revenue range from $1.2 billion to $1.4 billion per year. For a state that has been struggling to balance its budget in the wake of the recession, those numbers are hard to ignore. In addition, the decriminalization of marijuana would free up state resources used to process those arrested for possession.

If passed, how would Proposition 19 affect the price of pot?

According to the Rand Drug Policy Research Center, the price of marijuana could fall by as much as 80 percent if the drug were made legal for individual use. In the classic supply and demand formulation, however, a lower price and the erasing of the social stigma would mean that marijuana use is all but certain to increase.

Would the federal government challenge Prop. 19 if it became law?

Though the federal government has allowed each state to determine whether to legalize medical marijuana, it remains to be seen whether it would act against a law that focuses on personal use.

On a much lighter note, here are two new friends of mine with a video made for the Proposition 19.  With great pleasure, I introduce Charlotte Bruyn and the talented Steve Berke.