Toking It Up In Amsterdam…The True Facts.

So many people have asked The Hash Express Ultimate where they stand concerning “Amsterdam” and its new smoking laws? Has the Weed Laws been tightened? Have the Weed Laws been directed at the Tourists? Well, the wait is over for an answer….and an honest answer at that.

We emailed our contact at “The Bulldog 90 Coffee Shop” in Amsterdam to ask what was going on, how the new laws affected us, and how the new laws would effect the whole Economy of Amsterdam. Then, we contacted an Associated in London, UK, who gave us some very revealing cryptic information that may well “Counter-Act” the decisions and diversions of British Tourists who plan to travel to the Netherlands – just to smoke weed.

Contacting Amsterdam – – –

On Fri, Jun 29, 2012 at 10:31 PM, <> wrote:

Marcus De Storm sent a message using the contact form at

I have been hearing that after my recent visit that ALL Coffee Shops are to become “Resident Only” in the instance of buying and smoking Weed. If this be the case, then I believe that the good times are well and truly behind me regarding Amsterdam – Berlin is active still for Coffee Style Shops – unless the laws change again in Amsterdam for the responsible tourists.

Is this a case of my scheduled visit to Amsterdam this September 2012, that I will not be able to buy and smoke Weed in Amsterdam, or is this just one of those silly “U-Turn” laws that the Government will overturn as soon as the “Economy” which is strengthened on the sale of this great substance sustains? Any information will be greatly appreciated.

Also, it would definitely be “The Bulldog Coffee Shop” I would be visiting on my trip to Amsterdam. On my last visit I felt so welcome – and I hadn’t had a smoke until I got there.

Thank you in advance.


The Global Hasher – Hash of The Hash Express Ultimate 1 (YouTube)

The Reply:

Dear Marcus,


We would like to inform you that Coffeeshops are OPEN. 


Current restrictions have been placed for visitors (non registered Dutch citizens) in the 3 Southern provinces since May 1st. 2012. The rest of the Netherlands including Amsterdam is scheduled to adapt to the same restrictions at the start of 2013.

We are proud to be serving you since 1975 and will continue do so    always, as we are THE BULLDOG, The Name With a Heart.




R. Maigret


So, there we are, one conclusion to the ongoing rumours which people are having so much fun putting out that Weed is not for Tourists. Eat that up scuzzbuckets. And now, onto the great news for the UK people – or Hashers anyway.

THE WAR ON DRUGS IS LOST! In a document this week we learnt that the British Government are making plans to initiate and incorporate a plan of action where “Licensed Premises” of a spear-headed experimental “Coffee Shop” style method is to be launched in the United Kingdom next year (2013). The Pilot idea will come under attack from a couple of hundred…alright a couple of thousand people, but not before a couple of million Tokers take advantage of the crucial VOTE. Here’s to 2013.