New Powers To Ban Legal High’s

Methoxetamine Legal HighAs many of the thing’s we enjoy in life as “Recreational” are abolished, banned, made illegal or just taken away. The new Laws that have been fast-tracked through the Common’s could surely only lead to one thing – Rebelion.

We want your opinion on this growing Fad by Governments to restrict the Herbal, Chemical and other synthetic derivitives that keep the REAL drugs and threats from our streets. Do you think that the Government are “trying” the patience of the Nation (Global Community) to see how far they can actually starve “Recreational Use” of totally Legal High’s, so that the Nation’s stand up and voice their concerns of the United Kingdom becoming a Communist State?

I for one believe that the tip of the iceberg has just been scratched and that “Alcohol” should be the next on the list as a way of showing example of the difference between “Legal High” and “Legal Drug”. The debate has begun and we want your views, whether Good or Bad, but be careful, being Anti-Social in your responses does not bode well here on T.H.E.U.1 – You are being Moderated, as too are we.

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