Provident Insurance…No Go

Provident Black ListedAre you a “Provident Insurance” Company Customer? Been sold Car Insurance by any of the “Provident Insurance” Company sales team? Have you had problems with the “Provident Insurance” Company? Then, before you sign on that dotted line or take up a complaint that will without a doubt bite you back – hard, you really do need to read our latest “Black List” Entry.

A three year issue with the “Provident Insurance Entity” is just about to come to a head and reveal a loss for the victim, but before the loss is confirmed, the “Victim” would really like to disclose some home truths and vital information about this company that claims that they take care of their Customers and sit nowhere but straight down the middle when it comes to fairness and balance on Claims.

Want to know more about this “Rip-Off Britain Corporate Insurance Entity”? Then click HERE.

***Please Note: The owner of Storm Multi-Media Technologies Ltd (International) started up the company for one reason and one reason only – to keep the Customer’s pockets less lighter than any other company in its category. In the same respect, the owner of S.M.M.T Ltd (International) created “The Network” for a fairer world and to give the “Victims” a voice on their attackers, whether it be in Business or in Personal Circumstances. As far as the future is concerned, the reports, statements and Sound-Off’s that “The Network” put out sometimes upset the Apple Cart to a degree where the response is harsh and unjust. The owner would like to make it clear, therefore, that “Defending the vulnerable may one day come at a price, but to bring a reaction from any action taken forward for justice is worth more than anything else.” Be safe people, be well and don’t let anyone tell you that you have no right to stand up for what you believe in, especially when it is RIGHT.