Landed safely on Sunday morning, slightly perturbing flight with all the weather and other elements, but other than that the journey here was good. Collecting baggage was pretty quick, catching the train to Amsterdam and finding Dam Square, too.

The Hotel is close to Dam Square, obviously it is the place to be for centralizing your visit. From Dam Square the directions to and from places is better for tracking. With so much to see, Amsterdam is by far one of the only European countries to give us reassurance. Of course, we can’t speak for the likes of Belgium or Berlin, which are currently rising in the ways of Coffee Shops and Services like that of Amsterdam.

Having spent a lot of time in the Coffee Shops or Touring around the City during the day and night, the time left to catch up with the Blogs is limited. The walk to the Wrigkts Museum that’s next to Rembrant Plien was a little noticeable with the small pub we called into near the compilation of Art Galleries that includes the Artist’s own home with the sitting room front turned into Window Displays. Really cool idea to do that with the range of Pictures they put on display.

The pubs are a little shady sometimes, as we have already got the sting. On the window of the pub there are posters that speak of a drink – Lager – that costs only 2.50, but when they’ve pulled those large glasses with the amber nectar the price changes to 5.00 euros each. Not a very cheap way to spend time in Amsterdam unless you have the money to do this.

Visits to the Coffee Shops have been slow, with two favoured Coffee Shops at the moment, including The Bull Dog (Original) and The Bluebird, which have a great atmosphere both day and night. The staff and owners are genuine enough. We found they are more straight up and honest when it comes to Smoking.

Before the trip started we spent a lot of time researching the country of its laws, regulations and rules on Smoking Marijuana in Holland. The finding of one particular law was surprising, if not goddamned perturbing, and that was no smoking of tobacco in Spliffs!

This is what we were told, and what we did while in both Coffee Shops.

The smoking of Cigarettes, Cigars or Tobacco is now illegal – as it is in the UK, when we refer to public places; pubs, restaurants, leisure facilities, cinemas, etc.

You may use loose tobacco from Cigarettes to build any spliffs that you are going to smoke.

If you DO light up a Cigarette (Not a Joint or Spliff), then there is a fixed 250 Euro fine that has to be paid there and then.

All Coffee Shops have just 3 Conditions cast in stone. 1. You must purchase a drink before you can sit and smoke. This is a good thing, it is also fair, too. 2. Respect the other Clients privacy and Peace. And, 3. Have a good, safe time, enjoy your Amsterdam Experience. All the above, its just Common Sense.

The streets of Amsterdam appear to have become a little more secure in the way of shady streets that not even the locals walk down on a darkened night. Saying this, however, caution if only a little is best at all times while walking through the vortex of side streets. Of course, if there are those who are familiar with The Bull Dog and Bluebird Coffee Shops, they will also know that they are very close to The Red Light District.

Food and Munchies wise, the prices vary frequently and intermittently, too, where the first shop you visit the price of chocolate will increase on the second. At prices like 2 euro 50 for a small cup of coffee, 5 euros for a pint and a half of Lager, only the weed stayed low in price.

We bought 3.9 grams of White Widow for 25 Euros. The bag was huge, the strength of the bush was really strong, too, which brought the idea of pre-arming ourselves with the expectation that the weed would take us right off our feet. Cannabis Cookies take the initial thrust of the stone off so much that the munchies don’t seem to kick in as fast after a couple of hours. The selection of Lemon, Strawberry, Blackcurrant flavor makes it one of the greatest ideas to have been put on the street menu, with nearly all stores and shops selling some variety of Cookie.

With plans on another Live Broadcast from Amsterdam scheduled for this evening, the one hope is that the Wi-Fi problem around the city will be fixed and we can complete a few outside coverage. For the possibility that the whole Wi-Fi idea fails, we have documented a lot of The Big Damn Tour 2012 on video cameras. Of course, as always the “Out Takes” will be posted in their relevant places throughout The Network.

For now we are making our way to the Cannabis Museum, which is around one hundred feet away from our Hotel near Dam Square (The next street across). The Blog will be updated later with more details.