“The Big Dam Tour 2012” Live Stream Test

The Big Dam Tour 2012

With only 6 days left until “The Big Dam Tour 2012” visit, by both Tetro Blaze and Global Hasher (aka Hash of The Hash Express Ultimate), news of the Live Stream has emerged tonight that testing is under way.

For those that will be joining the two, T.H.E.U.1 has chosen U-Stream as its conduit for Live Streaming through the Internet. With added viewers from Facebook, Netlog, YouTube, OverBlog and others, the Tour is to become one of the Major events of 2012. To follow the tour, all you have to do is click on this link, “THE BIG DAM TOUR 2012”, then save it in your Favourites until Sunday 12th February 2012 to Wednesday 15th February 2012. When the Tour goes Live, you will be able to see the exclusive content – Uncut and Uncensored – that will be transmitted from Amsterdam all around the Globe.