The Hash Express Ultimate 1

The Hash Express Ultimate 1

The Hash Express Ultimate 1 is a Blog dedicated to the fundamentals of both Cannabis and Marijuana combined.  It’s aim isn’t to glorify or promote the use of Marijuana or Cannabis [or any drug], but to bring awareness to those who smoke or who are thinking about smoking “Weed”.

Our goal was to provide information, whether this information be controversial or not.  With news stories that effect the Cannabis/Marijuana Communities around the world, and add a little flavour, humour and zest to the lives of those people wanting to seek reference, information, facts and everyday happenings that come along with the Herb that should be legal, but isn’t.

The Hash Express Ultimate 1, as well as The Hash Express Ultimate 2, is the result of The MKDS Network and it’s associated Channel’s [YouTube], Websites and Blogs throughout the World Wide Web’s Internetwork System.  In whole and in part, The Network is everywhere – where there is a Digital conduit, you will find The Network or, at the very least a Channel that contains The MKDS Network’s work projects.

The one question that is asked is “Do you have to be a smoker, toker or hasher of weed, to become a subscriber of The Hash Express Ultimate?”  And the simplest answer is “NO”.  We at The Network have more than a dozen staff who are both smoker’s and non-smoker’s of “Weed”, and their input, hard work and dedication to both The Network and The Hash Express Ultimate is valued because they are people.  So, if you believed that the only way to subscribe to this Blog or any of the other 40+ Blogs, 8 Websites or Catride’s, is to be a smoker, we can say that it doesn’t matter to us or The Network.

Of course, there are rules that we prefer you did abide by whilst on any of The Network Blogs, Sites and/or Catride’s, and that is be yourself and don’t allow politics, religions or media propaganda to lead you…”You have a voice, so let it be heard”.  All comments and correspondences to The Network are Moderated, so don’t think for a moment that we are going to allow someone’s politics leak onto the Blog, Site or Catride.

We hope you enjoy your visit throughout The Network Sites, Blogs and Catride’s.  Anyone who feels that they have a legitimate complaint, please feel free to contact us at any time and we will look into the matter(s) for you.

Marcus Kasabian De Storm – C.E.O/Managing Director.